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Ivy Tech Community College has grown to become one of the largest colleges in Indiana with the Lafayette Region serving over 12,000 students annually. Even more importantly, for thousands of alumni and their families, Ivy Tech has made a true and lasting difference. An Ivy Tech education has been the foundation to opening the doors of education, training, success and life-long learning for students.

We take pride in the quality of our programs and the many ways we've helped students, businesses and our community grow. Together, we are fulfilling our mission and helping to create a prosperous future for Indiana.

We invite you to support and inspire our vibrant community of educators and learners who pursue excellence and deliver on our promise to positively impact our community each and every day.  We have established the Alumni Legacy Fund serve students by enhancing student life and supplementing academic instruction through experience and innovation grants. These grants are available to all of the programs offered to students in the Lafayette Region.

Being at Ivy Tech is more than being in class. We empower our students to achieve their goals and explore new opportunities as they reach for their own personal tomorrow. We are empowering you to be a part of that. Your gift will do more than provide opportunities. It will change lives.






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